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  1. Thank you but my understanding of cases including fraud is 4 years. It has been 2.5 years. I'm filing my case tomorrow so I'll see what happens. Thank you for the information. Keep your fingers crossed. I am successor trustee and the final accounting and tax returns were never filed. This case is still open. (I think) WHEREFORE, Petitioner requests judgment against Respondents as follows:
  2. I haven’t waited. Within 6 months of his death I filed a suit in probate but became ill with chemical pneumonia for along time. I am now in process of going forward again. The prior filing I did in 2017 was dismissed w/o prejudice.
  3. The asset is real estate, the prior trustee confessed on his deathbed in 2016, the prior trustee prepared one accounting in 1998 and he deeded the property to himself.
  4. I am the beneficiary and it is worth about $800,000. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. The trust waives bond requirements. The prior trustee has died, hence I am now successor trustee. It is a big job to tackle on my own but checking with attorneys they want $30,000+- retainer. Not in my budget. The deceased trustee also took all the money. I need to go after his estate for reimbursement of monies and real estate.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I tried civil court but in Los Angeles county it belongs in Probate Court.
  7. I am Successor Trustee for our family Trust and the prior Trustee gave himself property that belongs to another beneficiary. Does anyone know how to get him to return the assets to the Trust for proper distribution? I know to go to Probate Court but don't know the wording that is required for the return of the assets.
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