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  1. I took them after their dad died. They have been in my custody. Per the lawyer there was no need to file any paperwork bc I am their parent.
  2. So I went to the school today to pick them up and they weren't there. The fiancee has filed a temporary ex parte papers. REALLY, said thay their is concern that I would leave the state with them since I'm originally from Florida. I haven't lived there in over 15 years. My lawyer says this is absurd and will have to be discussed with the judge but should be dismissed. Thoughts on this?
  3. The things that you have remarked on were taken into consideration. I was willing to allow them to continue the living arrangements until I was refused visitation with my children after she had agreeded, multiple times. She continues to bribe my children and tells them they cannot speak to me. If their father and I had no issues in their 14 years of life, then I don't expect to have to fight with someone who has only been in their lives for the past few years. All activities,schooling and friendships remain only the location of their home is different.Thanks for your judgement.
  4. I did take them. I'm just having a hard time knowing that I can't give them the home and things that they are use to. I'm afraid that due to that the paternal family, fiancee could get them. I don't mind visitation.
  5. Even if the boys had lived with the fiancee and their father and want to stay in the house? Can I take them without going to court? I was told by the paternal Aunt that she had filed some papers,not sure for what. I'm willing to allow visitation daily.
  6. I have 2 children who are 14,with my ex, we were not married. We both have live in partners,but neither married. The children have lived with him for the past 6 years. I have been in their lives. They come for weekends, holidays, vacations, weeks in the summer. Unfortunately, he just passed away, unexpectedly. We had no formal paperwork of our living agreement. I was willing to allow my children to stay with his fiancee during the week and maintain a weekend schedule. That is until Aunt and fiancee said I couldn't come get my children. I went and got my children with the assistance of the police.They have a huge home,that my kids love, in a great neighborhood, where they have lots of friends and close to everything.They are involved in lots of sports. They have more money than me. I live in the country, in a 3 bedroom mobile home, away from it all. I do work and able to provide for them.The issue here is that I, the mother and she, the fiancee both want the children to stay with us. They would like to stay with the materialism.I was told that some legal papers have been filed, after I had the police help obtain my children after she refused allowance. What papers could she be filing? Do I need a lawyer? I have the children. I really think its a fight over money. I don't want any part of that, just my children. Please help.
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