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  1. If someone's pulled over in the state of North Carolina and the cop happens to notice that there may be a possibility that drugs in the car and has two drivers step out and happens to find a piece of paper folded up in the car in the console center front of which the car belongs to the driver and the passenger is getting a ride home both get charged for schedule 1 schedule 2 and the piece of paper that was folded up in the console was not heroin as what the officer says that it is and when tested on the road side that turn blue the driver says that the substance in the paper was a crushed up stacker 2 pills so at that point if the roadside was done and they had no more powder substance to test to send off to the state lab does it warrant dismissal of charge or does the roadside indicate enough evidence for it to hold up in court for the courts to convict the driver . An if they offer an reduced charge because of the lack of the main charge because no real evidence the powder to make the schedule drugs stick? Or dismiss charge ?
  2. The county I live in has always had the behind the glad visit an now they have went to the homewayz video system an they say no personal person visit no more has to be video chat an way I see it after setting up an account you have to pay for the video visit . Well isn't that against human rights for an inmate an all? Why should one have to pay 12 bucks for a 20 min call an you have to have all the technical equipment as well as in tablet ,smartphone , an wifi. What happens if one does not have WiFi much less the device to use it I have a grandparent alive that does not even know how to even turn on a cell phone much less wifi . So is their any state of federal or human rights law being broken here in NC?
  3. Can I also receive a criminal background check on someone that lived in Florida if I live in North Carolina?
  4. How does one go about getting a background check on an attorney that you are thinking of hiring? And what if they had an expunged would there be any way to find out any information on that even if it was in a different state ?
  5. Whenever you are having an official hearing you get sworn in which means the testimony you are about to give is correct in his accurate is the best of your memory it cannot switch from time to time so whatever benefits the employer so basically what you're trying to say CBG is that you really don't have a clue cuz you keep on running in circles on things that for one sworn statement bud,and it's just like being in record of court because you're dealing with a judge on the telephone not just a regular average Joe so therefore CBG I prefer if you comment on what I'm asking that you give correct information because there's no way under the sun that a person can change testimony that's called perjury especially when you've been sworn in and also handwritten statements that are all different reasons from the original bottom line is if you don't have the correct answer why comment on
  6. Back in 2016 I have a trial for a DWI habitual and I got sentenced went and done my time came home and now I happened to notice online they have my name States 4 case law about my trial on some areas of it my question is what is the information they're using for case law is incorrect like it never happened like that in my trial so they're making it out like it did what can I do to either a have the information changed or to have it removed. And how do they end up getting the information for case law transcripts and if so that means my transcripts would be wrong then what and what is my transcript say one thing but case law is saying something different thank you for any kind of information or imput
  7. I received a speeding ticket coming through a little spot in my community by my local not-so-friendly North Carolina highway patrol of which when he approached my vehicle he had a big lip full of dip in and as he approached the vehicle I also had my phone video recording of which I have him dipping standing at my window . being that I can't smoke anywhere in a public restaurant or facility and especially government facilities how come my local highway patrolman can you dip while on the clock talkin too and also talking to the civilians and the community.? I mean it wouldn't be very nice for me to have been smoking right there in his face much less him on the clock it's all of our tax dollars paying him to be able to use products that are prohibited throughout the public facilities in places concluding parks and all so why would he be able to dip and if it is not permissible then what can a civilian do to make sure it gets address to the local highway patrolman?
  8. I have all the transcripts and also all the paperwork from start to finish that indicates different reasons from what the initial reason of why he fired me. From initial paperwork to the car hearing to the second hearing. Point of the matter is I look and read every piece of paperworkthat the Unemployment security commission sends to me so that way it is included for evidence that is what they use for your evidence for the hearing all the paperwork filed some initial to the hearing and if that has been changed that is sworn testimony and it is also clearly indicated on the paper that you fill out any kind of false information will be considered as falsifying documents hope which carries a penalty incarceration in the state of North Carolina so what I'm getting at what is the difference when you testify and write a statement on someone weather unemployment or regular law you cannot go back and change that so why is he being able to do so when it is a formal setting judicial set??
  9. So let me get this right I understand North Carolina is a right to fire space and I also know that anyone can makeup and add to story as it goes but being that it is a adjudicator and also goes and has been in front of the Court of Appeals it has been the man did that down due to the fact of the adjudicator had violated my civil rights process by putting issues into matter that wasn't even included into the fact-finding so they also give you the complete transcripts and also they give you the copies made of where your employer puts the reasons of why they had terminated you at the beginning up at all and every time and process. So how does in the court of law does someone change a statement lately in that court of law it's not like it's just the Unemployment Security Commission this is also the Court of Appeals?
  10. In the state of North Carolina when the employer fires the employeel , an then the employee turns around and files a North Carolina unemployment claim, and states the reasons of which they fired or the dismissal of their job an on the questions the ask to be very specific on and for exact reasons and then the employer has to do the same for the rebuttal on his reasons of why he terminated the employee . Then later on throughout the hearings an the appeals the employer changes the reasons of why the employee was fired. Is that not against policy and procedures and also against rules and regulations an just plain wrong ? I know my employer changed this reasons of why he terminated me throughout multiple hearings as well as appeals because I have all the transcript from previous hearings an appeals an it shows it's not for the same reasons he gave at initial request . And yet i keep getting denied when the reasons of my appeals and reasons of dismissal had stayed the same since the beginning. If it would had stayed to the true facts of the first reason he wrote down I'd already won but being he changes up an they allow it to be added has changed the out come . Can he change his story ? An if not who an where do I report it to ?
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