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  1. Yes. I know. But what points and authorities? Like "Section 4.353 of ..." or "Blue vs Green". Any concrete help would be good.
  2. I was never served the Summons or anything, but my creditor claims that I was "personally served". I know I never was though. And, in fact, the "Proof of Service" document says that I was served at an address for which there actually is no building. And I have never lived anywhere near there (maybe 3 miles away). How should I defend this? And should I put my defense in my Declaration document or should I keep it secret until the court date? In other words, what should I put in the Declaration and what should I keep secret until the court date? Any other advice? Thanks.
  3. I'm filing a motion to stop wage garnishment pending the outcome of my motion to set aside the default judgement. (Wage garnishment is due to an old credit card. But I was never served the summons, or anything.) What should I put in the "Points and Authorities" document? What should I put in the "Declaration" document? I've been doing research to put together other documents, but I'm stuck on these two. (This is in California.) Thanks.
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