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  1. Don't say it, everybody. I already know---cold, cruel, cunning, and calculating. It almost feels like a fall from grace for me. The sad thing is I don't care anymore. It's as if I want to inflict as much hurt as possible as I'm going down in flames. Once upon a time, this wasn't like me, but it seems to be now. "I would rather die at your feet of massive thirst than to accept the bottle of water in your hand that could save my life. I meant nothing to you." End of thread. Goodbye
  2. You know what? I don't think this is really as much now about money as it is something else. I realize I need to take control of my own life, and I don't expect people to give me handouts. However, my family dynamics have been what they have been for too long. I've already severed ties with my sister. I already know she won't miss me. Her life will be just as happy and fulfilling without my being in it. Life goes on, but my family is finished. Happily ever after does indeed fail, maybe more often than we realize.
  3. I didn't know enough about the situation with Dad's will to make any kind of call on it. He was never known for being organized. This is a very very bitter pill to swallow. It has caused harm on multiple levels. I actually feel like I'm now grieving two losses. This big mishap might as well be the catalyst that puts the final nail in the coffin of mine and my sister's relationship. We're done.
  4. You have no idea how insulting it is to hear you say that! I was a caregiver to my Dad. Therefore, it didn't leave me a whole lot of time for a job outside of the house. I was not at all taking advantage of my Dad monetarily. In the end, we were helping each other because we both had needs. I specifically remember his saying what he wanted to do. My sister and her husband already owned one house in Virginia. She also inherited a 2nd house in another part of Virginia from another deceased relative. My Dad told me that he would leave his house in North Carolina where he lived for over three decades to me. I would have been willing to split whatever I got for his house with my sister, but all of that is academic now. My Dad apparently hadn't looked at his will for years, so he really didn't have any idea in the end what details were in it. Apparently, he did not realize that the wishes he expressed to me just before his death would have needed to be added in a revised version of his will. That was never done, and my sister got a third house. I'm guessing she was able to sell it for around $200,000 given the market value of property in that part of North Carolina. As for me, I got $27,000 from a bank account. How equal does that sound to you? I guess I should be thankful I got anything at all.
  5. If I'm mad at anything, it's the situation. Dad's will was carried out using outdated information. He never went back and updated his wishes. My sister had already inherited a house from another deceased relative. Now, she inherited a third and was able to sell it almost immediately for what I'm sure was a nice chunk of change. Forgive me for feeling betrayed. I'm assuming there's nothing else I can do now to contest the outcome. Since Dad never put in writing what he verbally told me before his death, then what WAS in writing is what has to be done. I'm sorry, but I'm livid about this right now. It feels like a spit in the face for me. I could have used at least a little of the money from whatever my sister got for the house to have a little bit more of a financial cushion as I try to get my life back together in Northern Virginia. I've lost more than just an opportunity here. This has left an ugly sore on my heart.
  6. How often should a person check and/or update his will? My Dad passed away last March, and I noticed his will was created in 2008---11 years ago. I don't know how often he updated it. Actually, I don't think he had done anything to it for years. My reason for thinking that is because he told me just before his death that he was going to leave his house to me. However, he apparently never changed his will to reflect those wishes before he died. What ended up happening was my sister got the house instead, and all the sale amount for it, I'm guessing $200K. It's hard now not to feel like I was misled. This ordeal has now caused animosity with my sister. I'm feeling pretty hurt right now.
  7. Right now, this isn't a priority. I just lost my father.
  8. That's interesting. I wonder if that's why staff from there were involved in this project. I wouldn't be surprised.
  9. Florida, North Carolina, or both? I even saw an address on one piece of my paperwork that listed a staffing agency in Alabama. WTF??!!
  10. Yeah, I guess so. I don't have a choice now. Here are some examples of the forms I did complete. I've included one of my time sheets and a sample 1099. An amount of $3858 in Box 7 was the only amount listed. If I had known before I started this job that they were going to do this, then I might not have accepted the position. One more thing, I was paid via direct deposit.
  11. I never faced a situation like this. It was apparently a government project. FEMA came in to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Florence. They used multiple staffing agencies to recruit people. They set up an office in Wilmington and had people assigned to distribute and collect the equipment used during the project by employees--the Debris Monitors (hand held device and small printer). That same group of staff members also recorded the time we worked each day, which could have been as much as 11 hours. I've been told by one tax person that I should talk to somebody in Florida about revising my info and provide me with a W-2 since the staffing agency I was working for happened to be based out of Florida. The only tax document I received was a 1099. Nothing had been taken out. There was only one amount listed on the 1099, which was the total amount I earned during the one month I was on the project.
  12. No PayrollHRGuy, they were actually hand written each week. Let me know if you would like to see an example. I think I still have some of them. To answer your question,, RetiredinVA, I wasn't sure what exactly could or couldn't be done at this point.
  13. Last September, I accepted a job that was referred to as a Debris Monitor. I was living in Wilmington, NC at the time. Hurricane Florence had just hit the area recently, and now the cleanup was beginning. The responsibility of my job was to watch a grapple-style dump truck (see image below) collect vegetative debris from the sides of residential streets. I worked this job for about a month before I was released. The job itself was in North Carolina. However, I was working through a staffing agency that was based out of Florida. FEMA was responsible for this entire project, which is why they had to hire people to do what my responsibility was. I watched a truck collect debris until it was completely full. I would then print out a ticket on a hand held device. This ticket was then given to the driver who would in turn give it to the person at the landfill once they arrived there to dump their load of debris. I recall filling out a Federal W-4 Form and also an NC-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate for North Carolina. I ended up receiving only a 1099 Form from the staffing agency, and no taxes of any kind had been taken out. I had earned about $3800, but when I began entering my info on Turbo Tax, I learned that I would owe the IRS about $340. I don't have that kind of money right now. I've tried contacting the Florida staffing agency to ask about this problem, but so far, I've received no reply. I would like to amend my tax return so that I can have taxes taken out of my earnings with this staffing agency and therefore not have to pay the IRS such a large amount. Is there any way I can somehow get a W-2?
  14. He didn't allow me to vent, not that I really expected that. All I did was ask the judge if I could possibly leave the court with documentation as to why this all began in the first place. He said that wasn't necessary because I agreed to comply with the no-contact order. Besides, I had already sent two copies of my answer to this civil summons to the Union County Court before the hearing itself. I'm hoping that documentation will be available to anybody who wishes to look further into this case, even if it's just for curiosity. It was very sad to walk up and stand beside a man I haven't seen in 8 years who was once my friend, but is now one of my worst enemies. I consented to the no-contact order against me and decided not to pursue it any further. I think that was more than enough. I drove three hours (one way) to answer to this civil summons. If anything, my former friend may think twice before he decides to pull a stunt like this again. He seemed pretty upset when I saw him collect his belongings at the back of the courtroom and leave after the hearing was over. He wasn't sticking around for anything. Fine! I don't give a sh*t. Let him be mad, but not at me...himself.
  15. Just curious. Is it possible for me to at least file a complaint against this man and/or his church for stepping over the limits of what was considered appropriate? Keep in mind that I was blindsided by all of this. With the exception of one meeting with the plaintiff in September 2010 over my divorce, that was the only contact I had with anybody in this church. Then, four months later, they send me this ridiculous summons to appear before a judicial commission the organized to answer to "charges" that were unwarranted. I should also mention that the envelope with the summons had no return address on it. I never learned who my accuser(s) were either. There are quite a few things I'll never know about how this all began, but I still would have liked to have had some explanations.
  16. I understand what you're saying about letting this go, Tax_Counsel, but it hasn't been that simple for me. At the very least, I want the court to know how this all began. What the plaintiff and his church did to me feels almost like a crime. I just wanted accountability. I realize that I can't change but so much about how this church operates, but I was hoping to at least bring awareness to somebody about how wrong it is to do this kind of thing. The passage of almost eight years has done very little to ease the tremendous contempt I still feel over this case.
  17. I don't believe, personally, that my being present at this hearing is necessary. My Dad was in law enforcement for years, so I respect his advice to not go to this hearing. Besides, doing so could create a risk of a confrontation. I don't want that. I've never had any kind of brush with the law before. I don't plan on contacting the plaintiff again. In fact, I haven't contacted him directly for quite some time. The last email I recall trying to send him directly was at the end of 2017. He immediately erased any emails he saw with my name on them without opening.
  18. No, I wasn't planning on fighting the order. The only thing I wanted to do was give the court documentation as to how and why this all began years ago. As I mentioned, I just sent that off to the Union County District Court. They should get it at least a full two days before the hearing. I'm hoping the judge, the plaintiff, and his attorney (if he has one), will have enough time to review these documents before the hearing itself on Friday, Nov 9th.
  19. This is a very complex story. It started in 2010, and it continues to fester. This past week, I was served with a Civil Summons to appear in Union County, NC. I currently reside in New Hanover County. The plaintiff claims that I have been harassing him, although I have not made any recent attempts to contact him directly. The origin of this conflict involved an action that the plaintiff and his church did to me in 2011. What I openly admit to doing is continuing a little "crusade" of my own about this church's hypocrisy and archaic practices. They essentially "kicked me while I was down." I was going through a very painful divorce at the time. Then, in January 2011, I received a letter from them demanding that I appear before a Judicial Commission that had been convened to deal with me. I was facing accusations of immoral behavior, abandoning my wife, and pursuing unlawful divorce. I was infuriated, and I still am to this very day. The plaintiff was the Chair (or Moderator) of this Commission. He has been on my "sh*t list" ever since, and I've spent the last eight years letting him and his church know just how angry I am at what they tried to do to me (I left the church), and how their actions affect me to this very day. This incident left me very wounded spiritually, and it continues to have a negative impact on my life even now. Later this week, I will be facing the plaintiff in Civil Court. I haven't seen him since September 2010, and I'm not looking forward to this "reunion." Maintaining my composure is going to be a challenge. This is only a hearing to determine whether or not a permanent no-contact order should be granted. What concerns me is what will happen after that. If the plaintiff wishes to pursue any further legal action against me, then he runs the risk of "sinking himself" also. I've already sent the Union County District Court office all relevant documentation that explains in detail what led to this "showdown" with my former friend and church member. It actually began in 2008 when my now former wife developed a unique medical condition. The toll of that ordeal is what helped end our marriage two years later. What I'm wondering is how much the judge will take my side of the story into consideration. I'd like to think the court will show at least some compassion over what I've already been through, but I don't know. As far as I'm concerned, the plaintiff in this case could just as easily be the defendant. He and his church (Presbyterian Church of America or PCA) stepped over a line with me and involved themselves in my business in a manner that was very inappropriate. Had I not resigned my membership, then they would have excommunicated me, and all this was in the wake of a painful divorce and then a nervous breakdown. I had to admit myself to the same hospital where I was employed at the time as a Medical Lab Courier. Forgiveness for this has yet to happen. It may never completely. Being that I can't afford an attorney, I was hoping this group could offer me any feedback on what I could be facing. Thank you.
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