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  1. Hi, I have a few questions that I'm unsure about. First let me just start by saying that I had found out from a family member that I was a person of interest and I contacted the police, I was to go meet with them the following day, in the afternoon, to clear my name. They showed up to my house at 8 in the morning, i was hanging up with someone on the phone as i heard my door open, i thought it was the wind but all of a sudden the cop is saying my name and pulling me out the door, taking my phone out of my hand, they still didnt have a search warrant signed. I waited four hours in 110 weather for them to get it signed, meanwhile being threatened and told they were going to kill my dogs if I didnt talk to them, I had no clue what they were talking about, my bf did, but I didnt know that until he was being put in the cops car. Even knowing they were not there for drugs I'm not going to lie to a cop if he asks me if there's something and I know about it, so when I was asked I told them I had drugs in the house. While my bf was in jail I had people threatening my life because of what they thought I had and wanted, my place was broke into 3 times in that week, I was so scared and I stayed awake for 3 days ( without drugs) because of all this, I called the detectives and told them what was going on and how scared I was, he told me I brought it on myself... I was shocked to hear that because despite things that happened with cops when I was like 12 yo I have always thought they would be there to protect me. I cant reveil anymore about the case even though I feel its neccisarry. Were my rights violated? If they were who do I go to? What do I do. I can not afford an attorney, so please dont suggest one. And one other thing, i know most drug addicts steal or need to be high, i use it to ease my pain, and to actually get something done around my house. I have chronic illnesses. I dont steal and i dont lie. I do understand that's hard to believe with a drug user. But true.
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