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    UuOooohhhh it will be. I have a hearing tomorrow about another incident that was perpetrated by the people who instigated this. I already talked to the officer in that court who mentioned it was kidnapping and he is making that judge aware of what happened so after tomorrow everyone involved be known to the officials. It sickens me that many lives will be ruined because of a man wanting to be vindictive and that he even put so many people in the position to say yes or no to help out in his plan. There have been so many serious laws broken I cannot even count them.
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    A man dressed as a Sheriff came to my door and asked me to step outside which I did. He told me I needed to come with him to The hospital for a mental health exam. I said ok let me get my shoes and brush my teeth. He told me No that I could not go back into my house and he walked me to the car. He never properly identified me by last name or ID. He took me to the hospital where they did a urine drug screen and drew blood. He stayed outside my door the 4 hours I was there but left right before discharge. So the person I had to call to pick me up ended up assaulting me leaving bruises on my arm by forcibly removing from the car. What I found out 2 weeks later is a warrant was never issued but a set up to lock me out of my house. I learned the guy posing as a police officer is a firefighter and good friend to one of the people wanting me out of my house. No medical record exists of me being at the hospital but is stated in the assualt report. Would this be considered kidnapping??
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