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    I have several mental issues from the military. The VA has been treating me with visits and medications since 1970. I read an article that states that military and veterans have a higher percentage of scams being against us than compared to the society. I did give my password because I did not think he/they could do anything. I am somewhat new to Wifi and searching on the web. I am not computer illiterate, as I am an engineer but even I went online to get approved for a car loan with one of my banks so I should have known what could have been done. I cannot remember how I got the first contract. Someone only told me that Fedex tried to give me a package from the dealer but I was not there to sign it. Capital One sent me the second contract electronically as I complained to BBB about a $5600 debt after I returned the SUV. The duress is my mental conditions and I also have several physical disabling impairments. Elderly people are more apt to scams because we are still accustomed to the old days when people did not do what they do now days. My question is first I feel that I have been scammed by fraud based upon them getting the loan; second, the amount is ridiculous, they should have deducted $1000 from the price of the SUV not added it; how can I still owe $5600 after I returned the SUV? And hasn't a crime occurred? I had a dealer closer to recommended by a friend, but I let my brother convince me to come visit him and he said that they have car dealers there and I listened.
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    I gave my email address to the car salesman. Then he asked me a 68 year old disabled veteran my password. Next thing I was asked for was $1000 down. I signed a screen with the alleged contract, then I was sent a paper contract except I did not accept the FedEx delivery because I needed an electronic transmitted contract. The finance person told me to come in about two to three weeks later for me to sign the contract. I went under duress 200 miles and sign another contract. The car price was $5600 then with a four interest the balance became $7579, plus the down payment the balance became $8579? They told me that I do not know how to add.
  3. A car that had a contract breach, because the car dealer sold me a vehicle for approximately $5600 in 2016. The dealer charged me interest for a four year loan, totaling approximately $7500. Then I paid $1000 down except the contract I signed the second time under duress added the $1000 to the $7500 to total $8500, which the dealer told me I owed the $7500. Is this a criminal act or do I just sue for a civil violation. Oh, they repossessed the car last year in 2017 because I paid them in person but they did not pay the finance company even though I got a receipt. I made a second payment timely but the car dealer sent the mailed check back and told me to pay the finance company. My credit was lowered because the finance company said that they did not get my first payment. I filed for a lost or stolen check with my bank. The second contract has additional charges of administrative charges of $495 and a license charge when I paid my registration fee transferring my old plates. The financial company has my credit report listing $5600 owed or bad credit while the car dealer got the car back. Do I file criminal or civil charges?
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