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  1. Why would I have to turn the money over from the insurance to my brother?
  2. I know all to well it was a mistake to let him be the lien holder. He took advantage of being lien holder and took the vehicle from me. I don't understand how or why he could can sue me.
  3. I bought a vehicle from my brother in 2011. When we went to transfer the title my brother put his name on the title as lien holder (and me as owner) because he didn't want me to get a title loan. At the time it made sense because it's something I would do and I believed at that time he had my best interest at heart. I don't owe him any more money on the vehicle and this was something we both agreed on at that time. In May 2018 I was rear ended and the person that hit me was insured. The insurance company needed his signature as well on the claim to receive pay out for the damage. The insurance company asked who the check should be made out to and I said just me. I told my brother that the money was going to be used to get it fixed. I got the check I was in the process of making arrangements to take it in to be fixed. My brother wanted to know if I got the check and he wanted the money. I said it was going to be used to get it fixed. That afternoon, after I told him that, he went down to a 3rd party DMV took ownership of the vehicle. He made himself sole owner of that vehicle. What I want to know is since he took ownership am I no longer obligated to get it fixed now that he took ownership?
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