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  1. 20 years ago I did my own chapter 13 bankruptcy without a lawyer.  I had no problem finding the right information to do so. 

    Now this situation I have a civil complaint form from superior court (because I learned that in order to get something other than money like 

    my stuff use go to superior court)

    ready to fill out. I read on one of AZ court sites that if you represent your self they expect you to know what lawyers know on the proper way to

    fill out the complaint or you risk the chance of the court not accepting the complaint. At this point I'm struggling with the right way for this complaint to be filled out. It felt like a major set back after talking to that intake specialist.

  2. For future reference to anyone in 

    Arizona dealing with a situation like

    mine. I talked to an intake specialist when applied for legal help @ 

    AZLawHelp.org and I was told that 

    since I don't have no lease or written agreements that my situation would

     not be considered as an ouster. They told me it's her house she can do as she pleases. I can't believe she can get away with this.  I will figure this out.

    Just wanted share what I learned so that any one with a situation like mine.

  3. In Arizona

    My older sister kicked me out of her house without any notice. I have established residency there for 3 years, no contract. Verbal agreement was for me to watch her dogs and do work around the house to earn my keep. She said I could stay with her until I got back on my feet again.(moved in with her after my husband passed away) On a whim she got verbally abusive one morning she told me I had to get out and she started to throw my stuff out side. I ended up walking away because she escalated things too far and had a violent temper.(shes bipolar and not on meds) She changed the locks also. I learned that the police can't do any thing to help me get my stuff out of her house. They stated I would have to go through the courts to get my property and that it is a civil matter. What are my rights and what can I do. When I went over to her house and asked her if I could get my personal belongings she said no and that she will call the cops and get an order of protection against me. Do I have any rights like tenants have? If need be I would file a civil complaint against her myself but I need to know more on her rights my rights etc.

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