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  1. this would be something the union would need to bargain for in the next set of negotiations. They just don't automatically get it.
  2. And sometimes a "change" is just adding more details and in the end it still falls under a basic reason that is deniable, then it still would be.
  3. is it possible it is an underpayment due to escrow (property taxes, insurance, etc)?
  4. agree that while most HR depts try to keep information confidential the only two laws that could possibly (slightly) come into play are HIPAA and ADA in very limited circumstances.
  5. How do they even know there are any issues to speculate about? People dont' just randomly start saying "oh, I think joe has MS. What do you think?" Obviously they are seeing some signs somewhere that are out of the ordinary. While you don't seem to want to discuss it with them, they are noticing. And it might be better if you do request accommodations if you need them.
  6. PayrollHRGuy -- I guess I should say "jinx" LOL....
  7. Actually the IRS has revised its stance on when employers have to send in a W-4: "Q1: In the past, as an employer, I was required to submit all Forms W-4 that claimed complete exemption from withholding (when $200 or more in weekly wages were regularly expected) or claimed more than 10 allowances. What Forms W-4 do I now have to submit to the IRS? A1: Employers are no longer required to routinely submit Forms W-4 to the IRS. However, in certain circumstances, the IRS may direct you to submit copies of Forms W-4 for certain employees in order to ensure that the employees have adequate withholding. You are now required to submit the Forms W-4 to IRS only if directed to do so in a written notice or pursuant to specified criteria set forth in future published guidance." see https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/withholding-compliance-questions-and-answers for further information. Now it is possible that some states, mine included, still have a requirement to send in the tax withholding form if it is above a certain #....
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