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  1. Ok so this is a really weird situation but I’m thinking this cannot be legal.. so there was this guy that I’ve known for over 7 years and throughout the 7 years this guy has ruined my credit. He has paid for several different things that were in my name with his credit cards and then whenever we get in a fight he somehow cancels the payments and gets his money back. He has done it with many different things over the years. For example my cable bill, I owe spectrum over $750 and frontier around $200, I owe palm beach tan over $350 and most recently he got back almost $1,000 for car payments he had made for me this past year. There is several other things he had paid for me that he got the money back for but I just listed a couple of things to give you some examples. He also filed bankruptcy because he bought me implants and furniture that he couldn’t get the money back for so he claimed it on his bankruptcy and he told me that he hides money from the bankruptcy company because they would take it from him if they knew how much he really has. He’s also weaseled his way out of his alimony payments! This guy is getting away with so many things! He’s cheating the system and he deserves to go to jail! He has ruined my life and my family’s life in so many ways. Now I don’t know how he is doing this over and over again but please tell me that this cannot be legal and that there is something I can do?
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