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  1. I hired someone to do a remodel job for me. He was to put up drywall and cement board in a 5 X 12 room , finish plumbing, put in a tub, toilet, vanity, sink, faucets, light fixtures, fan, tile the tub surround, tile the floor. I purchased all the supplies and fixtures for the job and if he needed anything additional, he was to let me know and I would reimburse him providing he had permission to purchase them and if he had the receipt. He quoted me $1250.00 labor for the completed job with the exception of additional items he may need to purchase . The first time he wanted reimbursed for supplies, I gave him $360 and he did not have any receipts. After numerous discussions with him about the urgency to complete the project so that we could put the house up for sale and a year and a half later, the job is still not complete. My husband told him that he would complete the rest of the job and to send us a bill for what we owed him thus far. I was floored when he sent me the invoice of what I owed. He put up the drywall and cement board, finished the plumbing and placed the tub. He hired additional help to paint the room for 8 hours @ 25/hr, which I did not agree to. It took me 4 hrs to paint a 12 x 12 room including the ceiling. He doesn't have receipts for supplies nor had permission to buy them where I agreed to reimburse. No tile work, no vanity, no toilet, no faucets or light fixtures were placed and a year and a half later, I owed him over $1500.00. I plan to enclose $1068.00 and a letter explaining why I will not be paying the additional costs. My question is, from a legal stand point, with just a verbal quote, an incomplete job and no receipts for the items he had no permission to purchase and the hiring of additional labor I did not agree to pay for, how likely would I be made to pay whatever he has asked for, for an incomplete job after almost 2 years if he were to take legal action? I've already been told by others that this is not the first time he has done this, charged way over what was quoted. There's no telling what I would have owed him if I had allowed him to complete the job. Does he have a leg to stand on here?
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