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  1. The reason I ask about lying to them and needing a time limit on the expulsion is this is the policy for the new school: A student who has been expelled, or is in the process of being expelled, by any school district in this state or who is not in compliance with a condition of disciplinary action imposed by any other school or school district or with a condition imposed by the juvenile court shall not be admitted. Acceptance for enrollment may be revoked upon finding the existence of any of these conditions. Reading that I would be worried that if I told them it was a three day suspension and when they look up the records and see it was an expulsion we would be right back in the same boat with getting removed from another school. Also, the Arizona laws section 15-843 F and beyond references a hearing that as far as I can tell never occurred. If there was no hearing, did the school not follow the correct procedures? https://www.lawserver.com/law/state/arizona/az-laws/arizona_laws_15-843
  2. Hello, I am confused by some things and I am not sure exactly who to contact concerning this incident. Last Thursday, October 18th, my child was expelled from a charter school for accumulating ten detentions inside of 45 school days. (All based on interactions with other students and inappropriate language. Nothing firearms or vandalism related.) The school had me sign an "Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal" with the withdrawal type marked as W3, Expelled or long-term suspension. I contacted another local school district via email to ask about enrolling my child in one of their schools and was told by them that they would have to honor the expulsion from first school, so they would need to know the length of the expulsion. There is no length of expulsion on the "Official Notice of Pupil Withdrawal" so I then contacted the principle of the expelling school to try to ascertain that information. He sent me back this email: Mr. Smith, Your child is permanently expelled, so there is no “end” to it—your child is ineligible for return to our school. If your child's new school needs an amount of time before enrollment, then it’s a 3 day suspension. There’s no other paperwork relative to withdrawal. However, your child’s new school will request their file, which we will send to them upon request. Sincerely, Principle I have read through the Arizona laws title 15 chapter 8 on the suspension and expulsion of pupils, and none of what the charter school did seems to match up with what I read. https://www.lawserver.com/law/state/arizona/az-laws/arizona_laws_title_15_chapter_8_article_3 I am now extremely confused and wondering what happened with my child. Is my child expelled and if so for how long, can someone be expelled from a school permanently? If my child was expelled and I do what the principle of the charter school told me to and report to the new school that it is a three day suspension, am I lying to them or committing fraud? Was I tricked into withdrawing my child from school by signing that form? This situation seems like it is wrong or has been handled poorly on many different levels and I am just seeking some clarification as to what actually happened. Thank you for any information you can give me. I have done my best to remove names and identifying information. I hope that doesn't cause any problems.
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