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  1. They handed me a form and wrote "dismissed" on it, I don't have the paper work as this happened 12 years ago So they can go back on the paperwork they signed and reverse a dismissal?
  2. While going thru a state data base/Wisc.DOJ I came across a charge for a city ordinance violation that had incorrect disposition on it. I had met with a city attorney who dismissed it. When looking at the record it said I was fined and convicted. It also says a few years later that the record was modified. Are there any circumstances under which this could be reversed with out my knowledge? It says on the court website that a judge must approve a dismissal but that they almost always go along with what the city attorney recommends. At the time I was never told of this, so it may not have applied as this occurred many years ago, but this just a guess. Also, three years later I was no longer living at the address so if the court did send me a correspondence, there is a chance I may not have received it, but this is again a guess. I also contacted the court and they say they have no record on file. In addition I called the DOJ data base customer service and they would not tell me what the adjustment was that was done later. Also spoke with a attorney and he said that many times errors are made and that he recently had a record removed because the doj employee clicked the wrong button when entering court info, but hey will never admit it.
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