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  1. I was in a minor car accident at a red light. Both cars were stopped, the driver in front of my started to make a legal turn on red, I let off my break no acceleration, she stopped and I stopped a half second too late and tapped her bumper. When I say tapped it was exactly that. next to no damage on either vehicle, a thumb sized dent in the other vehicle and less than that on mine. The person got out of the car, admitted there was no damage but said she had a headache. We exchanged insurance info, took photos, we opted not to call the police at the scene. She contacted me at 30 mins later and said she was going to go to the ER for the headache. Contacts me later that day saying she went to the ER and got meds for the headache but its still there. She has made no direct statement that she intends to take any action but I feel like it is coming. There was no chance I caused any real injury, and I feel like the lack of damage documented by the photos should prove how slow we were going when it happened, but how does the lack of a police report effect this situation? What outcome should I expect if she decides to file a claim or sue.
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