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  1. I am buying a house, I applied for mortgage and as expected, I had to give the mortgage lender all sorts of detailed senstive information. Now, a week before closing, my mortgage lender sent the conditional approval letter to the listing agent and the buyer agent. BUT he was supposed to black out any personal information. He did not do that, he sent it to everyone with my SSN on it. My problem is that this is supposed to be confidential info and not to be given to anyone. I am very scared of theft identity stories and I am usually very careful who I give my info to. This can have major consequences from that type anytime in the future and for the rest of my life. I believe this is considered breach of confidentiality or fiduciary duty or something. What is my legal recourse against that lender?The Lender said, yes it should have been blacked out but it is a "human error". Can I sue lender for breach of confidentiality (negligence) ? and what will that help me in.. my info is already exposed.Also, I can't bring myself to continue sending more documents and info to this lender and give them more of my sensitive data, but the house purchase contract says I have get mortgage in good faith. What can I do? Can sellers sue me if I stop the mortgage process at this stage? I am so confused about all the legal implications. of my exposed data and the consequences of not continuing with this lender.
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