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  1. I was friends with my boss and so she had told me she was starting her own company within the walls of the company she was my boss in. One day her whole attitude changed and she began treating me horribly. She would single me out and not include me as part if the team. Almost as if she was trying to make me quit. Then a day came when she claimed a customer that I upsold didn't pay and so I would have to pay my commission back. I tracked down the email I submitted where the client authorized user to charge the card we had on file for the upsell and sent it to her and CCing the owner of the company or her boss. After sending the email to both parties, she suspended me blaming it on absences and tardies but when I was given my suspension papers she had written "STAY IN YOUR LANE" I was then fired. Now they are not paying my last check. Heeelp me
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