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  1. So just a few weeks back I sustained a back injury at my job(bartender in a hotel). It was handled immediately as a workmans comp issue and they approved my claim and swiftly paid my medical bills and some portion of my wages. However since the doctor has put restrictions on my hours and duties, my company just wanted me to wait until I am back to being 100% and without restrictions to be put back on the schedule. Wanting to get back to work sooner (it had been 3 weeks already!) I asked the doctor to just remove some restrictions and allow more hours for me, so they would schedule me. I worked 2 separate 6 hour shifts and it was torture on my body, I felt worse for days after. I'm just worried about not being able to get back to doing what I used to do before my injury. What if I am no longer physically capable of doing my job? Also my next biggest concern is previous to the injury I had a set schedule and full-time hours, upon my return they had told me schedule is changing and they were taking away my good shifts and permanently giving them to someone else. Can that be done while I'm off work for an injury leave like this? If and when I am able bodied I should be able to return to my set schedule and hours. ?? Any advice?!?
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