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  1. I believe he filed today to take me to court. He is definitely trying to intimidate me. I will be putting the truck In my name tomorrow. He says he’s going to take the truck and make me pay him $1,200 also, and more money ontop. He’s full of sh*t. Do I have a good chance of winning? I talked to an officer today and he told me it sounds like it was a gift and that he’s being bitter because I broke up with him. And even though I said I owed him the money over text, it’s just a statement not a signed written agreement
  2. I had lost my job in the middle of all that happening and didn’t have the money to do it. Today is the 11th and he said if I put it in my name today since he already told me he was going to take me to court, that it will be illegal for me to do that.
  3. Before me and my boyfriend broke up I was going to buy a square body, I just had to wait a couple more weeks till I had the full amount. He kept insisting on helping me pay for it and I told him no 5 times. Finally I said fine, so he helped me purchase the truck, I put in on my own insurance, I have a bill of sale made out to me, I have the title and the truck. The title isn’t in either of our names. We broke up and he’s now trying to take the truck. I told him I’d pay him back but I told his dad over text messages that I’d either pay him back the $1,200 or give him the truck back by the 11th or this month. He’s now taking me to court over it saying it’s his truck, not mine. What do I do and is he right about it being his truck even though I have the title, bill of sale made out to myself, have proof of insurance that I paid for on my own insurance and I have the truck.
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