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  1. Could I send the assistant manager a cease and desist letter informing her to stop making false accusations?
  2. ElleMD, I'm sorry but I think you must have read my statement wrong. My friend does not believe what was told him. It's my friend's sister-in-law that believes it and since the mobile home is in the sister-in-laws mothers name (my friends mother-in-law), she is giving him hell for me being over there because of what the assistant manager said about me. And it wasn't someone I knew a long time ago, I only been out of the mobile home for about 2 years. I believe the assistant manager is saying these things because when I was served eviction papers, I decided to sell my mobile home instead of letting the mobile home park rip it out of there and put a brand new double-wide in. My home was an older model home. When I had my mobile home up for sale, the manager and assistant manager were turning away prospective buyers and telling me that I was not allowed to sell my home (which was untrue). I wrote a 3-page letter to the owners of the mobile home park and told them things that their manager and assistant manager were doing that they were not supposed to be doing, I believe the manager got fired (don't know for sure, just know that she moved and a new manager came on board). The assistant manager is still there and she is the one saying these things about me.
  3. I used to live in a mobile home park and was served eviction papers a couple of years ago for unpaid rent. I sold the mobile home and paid what the unpaid rent was. There is no eviction on my record. I visit my friends in the same mobile home park, and one friend watches my dog while I attend my college classes. My friend was recently in a car accident in which his vehicle was totaled. My friend is raising three of his own children and one step daughter ages 8 through 16. His wife passed away a couple of years ago. The three younger children have mild autism so I help him out by bringing them to school or picking them up, as well as taking my friend to the stores as needed. The problem here is that the assistant manager has told my friends sister-in-law that I sell drugs and I am a heroin addict, which is not true at all. The only time I ever seen the sister-in-law, the only words exchanged was hi. Now the sister-in-law is telling my friend that I should not be going over there because of what the assistant manager stated to her. The mobile home title is in his deceased wife's name and her mothers name. The sister-in-law has nothing to do with it. My question is.......can I sue the assistant manager and the mobile home park for slander?
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    Thank you very much. I filed the above forms with the court, however, the clerk said that the judge would make the decision on a new hearing date at the hearing on October 19th, which I will be out of town on that day.
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    I filed the paperwork for the restraining order against someone. The court issued and signed the temporary order with a court hearing date of October 19th. I didnt realize at the time when the court clerk handed me back the copies that the hearing would be the day I will be out of town. When I called the courthouse to tell them that I would be out of town the day of the hearing, the court clerk told me to go to the self-help center in the courthouse. I also informed the court clerk that if the date can not be changed, I would refile the restraining order when I return. My question is....if the defendant shows up for the hearing, and I'm not there, will the case be dismissed? Could I possibly write a letter stating I will refile as soon as I return?
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    A temporary restraining order was filed by me against this guy who keeps harassing me by text messages and phone calls. I have his number blocked on my phone, but he downloaded an app on his phone which allows you to put anyone's phone number for the caller id. He uses my friends number so I will pick up the phone. When the hearing date was set, which is on October 19th, I didn't realize that I was going to be out of town that day. I can not change my plans because there is no refund on the plane tickets and too much money to change the reservation at this point in time. I asked them if they can change the date until I return, which will be October 23rd, and if they can not do that, can they dismiss the case and I would refile it when I returned. The person I spoke with at the courthouse told me that if the person who was served with the papers shows up on the day of the hearing, they will still hear the case. They also told me to go to the self-help center they have at the courthouse, which I am going to do this Friday. I wanted to get some feedback from any attorneys out there if there is anything else I can do. Thank you!