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  1. Thank you. I just give up then. Old lady with nothing but liability insurance gets a nice payday.
  2. Thanks for the response. That's interesting -- the insurance doesn't have to comply with the findings of people who were actually at the scene examining the evidence and taking witness statements? Because the adjuster certainly wasn't there and it seems to me that the LEO determination is far more likely to be accurate than that of an adjuster whose company monetarily benefits from jacking up my rates. Insurance commission won't help. I already stated that. Insurance company just politely takes complaints and files them in the round file, as the insurance commission won't intervene in matters of liability or at-fault determination. I have the police report which contains an unbaised witness statement (the bus driver), and the other driver admitted that this is what happened. It isn't "one sided." She left a stopped lane of traffic for the other lane, to go around the stopped traffic, at the same time as I began my turn, and collided with me. I don't expect to be found 0% liable. I am trying to ascetain if there's any hope of being found less than 100% liable.
  3. I live in North Carolina, which is a Pure Contributory Negligence state. If a driver is even 1% negligent, the other insurance owes nothing. I was in an accident last week. I was waiting to turn left at an intersection on college campus that does NOT have traffic lights. I was picking my daughters up from school. They attend an early college high school on that campus. The road I was waiting on is directly in front of the parking lot in which the public school busses pick up and drop off children who attend the early college high school. The road I needed to turn onto is a 4 lane road divided by a median. A school bus cannot turn onto the road to get into the parking lot if any car is waiting -- the road is too narrow. The bus must also swing into the left-hand lane on the 4-lane road because it's radius is large. Most drivers know this and stop in the right-hand lane (much as you would if a semi were trying to turn). So the bus came to a complete stop at the intersection, and all of the cars behind it stopped as well. The bus could not complete its turn if I did not make mine. I inched forward to see out around the bus. My 15 and 17 yo daughters looked, I looked, the bus checked his mirrors. All cars in the right-hand lane were stopped, and the left-hand lane was clear, as were both lanes in the other direction. I preceded to make my turn. As I began that turn, a car behind the bus decided it did not want to wait, changed lanes (from a complete stop), and accelerated quickly. She t-boned me never even attempting to apply her brakes. The impact moved my car 20 or more feet, deployed my airbags, bent my frame. In a word, my car is totaled. The campus police, who are city police officers assigned to the college campus, were on scene within 3 minutes. They very quickly declared the accident no-fault as I did not fail to ensure my turn could be made safely and 5 people could verify that the other lanes were clear and the bus completly stopped. The other driver admitted she changed lanes from a complete stop to get out from behind the school bus. The bus driver came back around after picking up the students and corroborated my statement; there were no cars when I began that turn, and she came from the right-hand lane as I was turning. The only thing I could have done differently is to never make the turn at all. While the other driver could legally change lanes and proceed straight, she could clearly see that no other cars were attempting that. The officers did not feel I was at fault, but could not cite her for anything necessarily illegal. My insurance company has found me 100% liable for this accident because it was a left-hand turn. This means they will be able to assess me insurance points and increase my premium by 120% due to the NC SDIP law. They were always incentivized to find me at fault. My question is how they can charge me 100% with an accident when the police officers felt this was a no-fault situation? What recourse do I have? The NC Inusrance Commission will not assist with this matter as they say they do not intervene with situations of liability. I feel that since it was no-fault, this means she is liable as well and the Pure Contributory Negligence law should apply. Am I automatically 100% at fault because this was a left-hand turn no matter what I do? Would a judge really find that she didn't contribute even 1% to this accident?
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