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  1. Terina32

    Third party custody

    It seems to me, if your mother has passed, and whatever the reason CPS stepped in to begin with has changed, and the fact that hes been living with you for some time.... if he is well adjusted, ie. School, behavior etc. You can petition the courts and I'm sure they would grant custody back to you. Speak to an attorney.
  2. Terina32

    Father Hands Over Child w/o Mother's Consent

    You are going to HAVE to find an attorney down there to handle this. I know it sucks as far as money goes. You need to have him or her file for temporary custody immediately. If you do not, your chances of getting your child back are slim. I went through a similar situation and I lost my kids because of that #1 mistake. Then, make sure you are there in court, ready to pick them up. Have your attorney then file a permanent parenting plan that will allow him visitation. This way, if he violates this order in any way, he can be arrested. An affidavit will not stand against a temp custody, or custody order.