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  1. Thank you for being a bit rude??
  2. She will be consulting with an attorney tomorrow ? thank you for your reply
  3. Thank you for this, although I had a sad feeling already that this was how it would be. All my Mother's siblings agreed that my Mom should get all that her brother left behind.... my Grandfather will most likely not care one bit.
  4. Yes, my grandfather is still alive, not my grandmother. He was also never married and doesn't have kids. It's really sad too.. my Grandfather is a very greedy man ? he will give all he gets to his two blood related daughters after he passes.
  5. Hello, I wanted to ask a question regarding a recent death in the family and lack of there being no will. My Uncle and Mom (they are twin siblings) were adopted as babies, about a week ago my Uncle passed away unexpectedly. Would the next of kin be my Mom or their adoptive Father?
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