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  1. There is nothing signed to my knowledge. The contractor is my husband's former employer and a friend or so he thought. We have done several jobs for him in the past with no contract and everything was fine. This was supposed to be our opportunity to kick off are own business. I don't know what the deal was with the owner. I only know the amount agreed on to do the job. Believe me, I constantly preached about having it in writing. Especially since my name is involved! I've search everything I can think of, to at least get our friends paid that sacrificed their holidays to get the job done
  2. There are no signatures of any kind anywhere to my knowledge. The prime contractor has already pulled over 80% of the money, that is why the bank is not releasing any more money until done. From what I was told. Is there public record of what the whole contract was worth?? He has apparently been too much money. I know we need a lawyer, but it's hard to hire one when u can't even pay ur electric bill or have money for food.
  3. not sure i responded in the correct place. but i did reply
  4. My husband has a $160,000 contract to renovate a hotel. all i have, paperwork wise, is a quote for renovation. it details what has to be done, who supplies materials, and who supplies labor. and at the bottom is the total amount for labor. my husband has supplied all the labor. tomorrow the job will be around 60% complete. The agrrement was to be paid every 2 weeks, the amount that was needed to make payroll. have only drawn around 60,000 this far. he was told today to leave the job and that it would be completed by someone else. we have not been able to pay the full amount of payroll in over a month.
  5. are verbal contracts legally binding in Indiana?
  6. Thanks for your info on my question!!! I did get a copy of that document today. For some reason it won't let me reply on our conversation. More than likely I'm doing it wrong. Never used a site like this be before.

  7. The seller agreed to remove dad's name and add ours. A new contract was sent and I signed it. Unsure if it was contract for deed or just purchase agreement. I was just told to sign it so when mom passed the land would go to me and my sister. I assume mom never got a new contract to exclude me. She simply crossed out my name, thinking that was good enough. Wouldn't I have had to sign something else agreeing to take my name off? I have no copies of any documents. My sister has all the paperwork because she is living in my parents home and that's the address where everything is sent. She showed me a piece of paper she said was the deed. I didn't read it. Just glanced at it because I wasn't concerned at the time if I had any ownership in the property. I did see her name and my name. My name crossed out. Just the way it was on the contract. Can i get a copy of the deed or at least find out whose name the land is legally in now without going thru her? Now that you've told me told by simply crossing out my name was meaningless. I need to knock her off her high horse. She controls every aspect of my parents estate. She decides what gets sold and what gets given away. Without the simple courtesy of even mentioning it to me until after the fact. Now I'm being told to get my own personal property, that I have stored there, out of there or it's getting burned. I hope I've explained it a little better.
  8. My mother and father were buying a piece of land they had built their home. When my father passed away, my mom removed his name from the land purchasing agreement and added mine and my sisters. She did that because she thought that when she passed away the land would be in mine and my sister's name jointly. She had no will. Before she passed I asked to be removed from the contract due to my own personal reasons at the time. She marked thru my name and put her intials. The land has since been paid in full. I'm not interested in obtaining any material objects for there value. Just don't think it's fair that only one of my parents children gets to decide how their personal items are given away or sold. Without giving me the option to keep what they are giving away. It's all about principal to me. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well enough! That's why I'm here to get help because I don't fully understand it all my self. To my knowledge my parents never had a title or deed or any thing on the property. I think they were waiting until it was paid off.
  9. Mine, my mother's, and my sister's names were on my mom's land purchasing contract. My name was crossed out but I had already signed it. Am I still part owner now that the land is paid off and my mom has passed away? Shouldn't a new contract been made excluding me to make it legal? If my sister is the only legal owner of the land, do I have any right to anything my parents owned? Should I look into probate? I don't want any material objects. Just want to insure my children have some part of their grandparents legacy.
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