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  1. Please help with what/where to go for ?? to handle this matter. After serving a 15 year sentence in CA, parolee was transferred to MS in 2015 for 3 years and discharged in 2018. CA issued a warrant for "failure to report" in 2016, when parolee was reporting in MS, where they transferred him to -- same address. No actions were taken on Warrant but appeared as "outstanding" in employment background check. In fact, Citizen/Parolee has never been informed/contacted regarding said Warrant. How can this be resolved? Gloria on behalf of Citizen/Parolee
  2. Sex offender that served required time in CA, on parole 3 years (2015-18). Requested and granted Application for Interstate Compact Transfer (10-13-15) to care for ailing parent. Arrival Form completed by receiving state, MS, 12-22.15. Mississippi Progress Reports full compliance of progress, performance and attitude on 11-21-16, 4-14-17 and 3-20-18. Discharge was completed 5/21/18 in Mississippi. Offender recently applied for a job, background check disclosed CA Warrant for failure to report in 2016. This was not noted by MS officials before discharge, no law enforcement has contacted offender and he has been at noted address in MS the full year of 2016 until now. I called it an erroneous warrant but don't know what it would be called, or what/how to do about it in CA. Any explanation/information you can provide would be appreciated.
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