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  1. We have been in our trailer for 8 months. We have fixed the heat, the toilet and had to keep a neighbor from drawing off of our power. We have ceiling leaks in our master bedroom and our kitchen, we have windows that are broken and/or will not open, our door does not have a working lock on it, as well as holes in the wood floor in our kitchen that lead outside. All of these issues we have addressed with our landlord time and again. He promised us a lock and that everything was safe before we even moved in. Given our previous situation prior to move in we let it slide when it wasn't done but as i said before we have continuously brought up all issues with said trailer. Now we have reached a point where we are fed up because there is now mold growing rapidly all over our trailer. What should i do? Do i have a case in small claims court? And what if i don't have a paper trail for all of our complaints to our landlord? How do i go about taking him to court if we do have a case?
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