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  1. Understood, that is why I am confused on if I have to pay or not because of the errors.
  2. I moved in and signed a lease for my apartment mid August. Before I moved I had to provide the apartment complex with documents from the vet (so they knew I was bringing a cat). Before singing the lease I noticed the pet information was not listed so I pointed it out and she had to go back to add it. At this point I was under the impression everything was included especially the pet deposit since I had to remind them to add the information to the lease. About a month later they called to let me know that I had a $200 outstanding deposit fee. I told them I already paid everything and I should not have a balance. I was told I would hear something back within a few days and never heard anything. Another month goes by and I get an e-mail saying that $200 is owed ASAP. When I reviewed my lease it included pet rent but not the deposit, it also has electronic checked that “I certify that at this time I do not have a pet” right below that it has “Pets that will occupy this apartment” and list my cats name and breed. Since the lease has been signed and it includes my pet information, so I have to pay the pet deposit now? **please see attachment if lease**
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