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  1. cbg, use YOUR spell check before you criticize others. Your, yours, your's you're, meanings are all used differently. I'll pass on YOUR advance, thanks, no thanks.
  2. cbg, doing my Masters program English, was never an issue. Just like you professional, find a hobby, I'm not it. BYE
  3. cbg, just because I asked for free advance, doesn't mean I'm illiterate by far. My question was directed to FindLaw, for legal actions not how to get a job. If you have answers to my questions, feel free to answer, if not stay a HR professional. Responding to my post, means you do have time to give I have a gift of typing while thinking.
  4. PayrollHRGuy, thank you for your response. I really appreciate your answer to the point that I will continue working with my workmans compensation attorney. Understand me when I say OSHA, saw fit to deem the facts of my complaint due to cleaning products were visible to eye and nose. In a room with no air condition, no circulation, no vents, temperature was very hot behind a fire door, no ceiling (only large pipes that stated 2400 volts). I have been a business owner of 3 company's, I would not have my employees placed in such a unsafe environment all because they were hurt on the job. EEOC, don't allow employers to mistreat an employee due to age ( over 40) or disability (ankle contusion, 75% of Achilles torn, bone spur) want allow you to walk normally to perform duties. Thanks a lot.
  5. ElleMD, if you spend more time reading instead of trying to correct my sentences or paragraphs. I stated every thing in my situation as it happen, trust I lived it I know. Chemicals were mention and the title is "UNSAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT", which both OSHA, responded an a report was followed up. Also, there were plenty of reasons for a complaint to EEOC, (EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION), means things happening wasn't equal because of my injury. If you go back and read again I explained my issues and the question was "should I file suit", based on unfair treatment, placing me in an unsafe environment consuming fumes from chemicals and products that were unsafe to be in an open area, having me to go back to 8 hours of work when my doctor order was 3 per day, etc...... My reason to post was for help in my situation, not to be criticize for how to write a paragraoh. I'm human that makes mistakes in expressing hurtful issues, for all you know my tears could have blind me thinking about this again. Be a solution not the cause of me having to respond in this matter. I know my rights as a busuness owner as well as an employee. Asking for assistant in answering the question is what I need now, anything else is not relevant.
  6. I did back in April, but his concern is his pay. I'm rushed off the with him, ice never met him and we correspond through email. Due to him not returning calls for days we email and he get back to me quicker. I felt that calling EEOC befire going with an attorney, because it's not fair how I'm bring handled when I've done nothing wrong. The lady that caused my injury I see on a daily bases when she comes to work still moving swiftly when it's time for lunch and going home.
  7. I was hurt on the job with a cleaning cart to the back of my ankle in Dec 2017. I made a report the next morning due to the fact it was the end of our shift. I went to the floor to work in environmental services, but my ankle had swollen to where I couldn't put my shoe on so I told another supervisor concerning my injury, because the first one didn't act on it. By the end of my shift the first supervisor came to make a report and told me to go to the company doctor. I went and they started my therapy, gave me pain medicine put me on restricted duties. This went on till Feb 2018, and I'm still hurting so I asked for an X-Ray, to find out there was a bone spur and some of my ankle look like the bone was missing. I continue until April, when a specialist told me I either needed a shot (cortisone), in my heel or surgery to then be placed on 3 hours a day work with other restrictions . I in turned left there and got my own doctor for a second opinion and that was on the net work for the company to pay. This doctor ordered my MRI, nerve test, and medications all with in weeks if being there in May. It showed torn Achilles, inflammation, bone spur. Just as all this had been done the adjuster had me to ask about this doctor was he a treating or specialist he was both so she had me to switch from there he wasn't in the net worth. I was referred another doctor, got more therapy, sent to a specialist, got another X-ray, and only working 2 hours a day with restrictions. This had been since May, now I'm folding towels for 8, 3, now 2 hours a day to be told in August, that I needed to work 3 hours a day (against what my doctor office said), I did it. We got a new manager things changed for the worst. She told me this been going on to long and something must be done. I had never had any attendance issues, never wrote up, no verbal nothing to be placed in a final for a no call no show. I argued the point and said I been calling in via handbook, to be ask to sign the form as my last warning which I refussed. The same manager that place me in a room with air condition, refrigerator, microwave, for 8 months came to tell me I had to go to a room without circulation, chemicals, bio bags with trash in them and on the floor were leaking products, used mops with cleaning products sitting in a tub. The fumes were so unpleasant and sickening to my stomach with no air and a fire door to be closed at all times, at my age (56 years old), having female issues to where I sweat, all in this room. I mention to general manager, leads, and operational manager, that this was no place for anyone to have to work. I asked on several occasions it was no right even tho I was just sitting for 3 hours in there folding towels. At the same time I was told there's no work for me for 8 hours signed a bona fide job offer to only work for 3 hours a day folding towels. Still in the room by the 3rd week I called home office and OSHA, waited another 2 weeks for anyone to respond, after complaining daily to no avail, only handed a desk fan for air. One morning when I look up I seen members of home office walking the halls when I left the rest room to be approached by a supervisor to ask me to go back where I was before. After all that I continue to do my 3 hours until 9/1, I was asked in the office to go back to 8 hours based on what the treating doctor has placed on my work status and after months of working for 2 hours. On the restrictions were my posture sitting for 8 hours, walking 2, no bending/squatting, pushing/pulling. On hours max a day was nothing listed until I brought it to my supervisor that my posture sitting had nothing to do with me working 8 hours a day. So i mention to the doctor after I was told 2 hours, my supervisor needed it to say 8 hours and he put it on paper. I was getting my TIB, until the adjuster said since I was back working 8 hours (with the same restrictions list above) she stopped payment. So i filed unemployment benefits then later in the month i get my back pay TIB payments. I got a call from home office asking had I been removed from that unsafe working condition also a letter from OSHA, asking did I need to further with the case? I told home office I feel this were to get me to quit placing me in that environment. Now I am having doctors appointments during working hours to be asked to use my PTO/vacation, which I don't think it's fair when I was off in time to get my appointments out the way. I asked for gas or a ride to and fro to just now on 9/25, started getting a ride, but from May until last week I've drove my own vehicle. I feel because of my injury and age they are treating me this way trying to get me to quit even the doctor is siding with my job in unfair treatment. He told the impairment doctor it's nothing else he could do for me but he's scheduling me appointments to see him for psych visit and therapy for my mind he even asked me did I have a workman comp lawyer the same doctor I've been seeing since May, why would that matter in my treatments. He has not given me any meds, I told him when the weather change my bones hurts my calf muscle stiften up on me and its hard for me to wear a shoe do to the tenderness, he hurt my ankle every time I see him by squeezing it real hard and say that's why it's called an examine when I tell him it hurts, he's very smart mouth with me, and it seems he has a problem with my color as well. I need answers now to go forward with suit to this company before they try to get rid of me. I have pictures, other mansgers, witnesses to this unfair treatment. Could I possible have a case
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