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  1. Yes my friend is in the process of doing that now. We also have the officer writing a statement about that accident. He notes that no hazards or lights of any kind were on and the driver had left the scene also. Thank you for all ur help and input.
  2. No hazards on at all. The driver did nothing to warn anyone.
  3. So a person in another vehicle was using his phone and went off road on the shoulder and hit a pole and ended facing the wrong way on the opposite lane. He was ticketed for use of electronic devices, too fast for conditions,and improper lane usage. (A disabled vehicle) 4am on a dark road. So our friend is driving to work and could not see the vehicle until the last second, since it had no lights on or anything, swerving and hitting the vehicle. Their insurance says they wont pay for our friends car because it was disabled and we should of avoided. And they want our friends ins to pay for the damage she did. Is allstate correct?
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