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  1. On the contrary, Having worked with many law firms in a large metropolis, that is the first order of business. A conflict of interest check. I have had several law firms disqualify themselves because of conflict. Your last statement of "very few law firms working with insurance companies" is a dead giveaway. Read the incidents of conflicts, their are many out there, not just insurance companies.
  2. RE: Conflict of Interest The attorney I hired to file a lawsuit worked with the same insurance company as the HOA (defendant's).
  3. Conflict of Interest; What legal rights do we have to recover funds spent on a law firm that did not do their diligence in researching conflicts of interests before they took on my complaint(s). No mention was made about conflicts of interest at any time during my first phone interview. Ironically during that conversation, I did mention to the attorney that a 1 million dollar D & O insurance policy was up to date, I did not mention the insurance company's name. I was not until late into this second complaint that a conflict of interest was discovered. The insurance company (the conflict) sent the attorney a letter asking for more information on a pending lawsuit. The attorney was unaware of any conflict of interest because none were ever investigated. He made no mention of checking for conflicts of interest at any time from the beginning. The complaint was ready to file with the court, the conflict stopped everything in process. In the process of finding another law firm to pick up the slack. This has been an experience that I do not want or need to go through again. We have spent thousands on this law firm, we feel that we are entitled to a partial or full refund.
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