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  1. I never said I was enabling it. He has worked side jobs here and there when he can get them but believe me the times he has went and spent money on unnecessary ****, I have jumped all over him when he starts complaining because I agree if u go spend money on this or that rather than putting it towards child support then don’t get pissed off about them telling you that your at risk of going to jail. And I also agree that regardless of how the mom is she has a right to child support cause she does have them all the time but it’s the fact that he doesn’t mind helping or giving money he just can’t pay that much right this moment and he tries to be in there life and she Keeps them from him and lies to dss to take him down. Her blocking him and everything and him not even having a way to find out if they are ok is definitely not right and he is trying to find lawyers he just obviously doesn’t have the money but is looking for a way to come up with all of it and I promise he is an extremely hard worker. I see both sides but I’m definitely not enabling it
  2. My boyfriend has had child support taken out of his previous employer check he didn’t know until a couple weeks before he lost his job and now he has been trying to look for work but it’s hard in Hendersonville for arborists. He has two kids well he is behind in child support is there anything he can do to go to courts and file anything so he doesn’t go to jail? Also he tried texting and calling to talk to his children every night but they block him and won’t answer he messages when he asks about them he has no way of finding out if they are ok because they block him or don’t respond and when they do let them talk to him they have talked so bad about him the children say how mommy hates him etc. there is no custody order in place how can they do that or what can he do to be able to be in contact with them and also he never got a notice or anything about child support from the courts to even warn him or a notice to appear at court she has also lied to dss to get benefits we live in North Carolina we just want to know what the legal rights are with all this and with him not getting anything served
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