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  1. He only rules verbally so far. He told me to ,",get out move" after she answered his question on if I paid up could I stay and she responded no. I want her out.. and only ruled on the rent issue even though she admitted that some of it wasnt due yet. The ammount is still in controversy. He refused to hear the issue of trial and motion to dismiss for lack of subject. He originally signed the writ of ejectment on the 10 the day of serving the rule to vacate or show cause
  2. I was being evicted from a lot that I rent in retaliation of standing up to my landlord . She claimed I broke my lease and filed and Notice to cure for not letting her take off my construction supplies that she called trash. The ammount due not mentioned in her claim was for contested ammount due to her charging in advance when it wasn't due yet.
  3. I was in court for a landlord tenant action in which i own a cper that I live in in a park that all the rentals have a year lease and have been there on a permenant basis so many court rules were broken that there has to be a reason. Didn't hear the issue of the rule to show cause. No affidavit with the rule to just FYI filing.. No accounting of rent alledged due. failure of sufficient time for hearing resulting in no jury trial request. 5 dyas before court only give 2 days notice Imdroduced the timing constraints in the Case should have followed Manufactured Home park act rather than resisdental landlord tenant. It was clear by court record that the landlord and judge had a long standing business relationship. And now I found that he is listed on a Business licence for a real estate office where it is possible she has purchased rented out and sold property through. . How can I find those records and 2. What can I do about the judge and his writ of ejectment I have filed appeal but waiting on judge to sign the forms to proceed in pauperitus
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