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  1. Thank you.. there is one thoughtful person on this site who actually read the OP. As stated, it ended up 65 - 35 with the other driver at-fault. My original post (JLO ) was questioning the 50-50 being offered by the other insurance company. As you might infer, I was very disappointed some people (who post here thousands of times) were not only so wrong in their advice (that's forgivable) but so quick to judge on baseless facts they made up, which I can only believe was intentional. Frustrating but lesson learned and time to move on...
  2. Pete, don't waste your time on this site. Adjusterjack and pg1067 simply come on her to antagonize people who think there might be helpful advice to be found. Instead these yahoos make wrong and biased comments, seemingly for no other reason than than they find their jollies of their miserable existence in your misfortune (an accident). Both were way off on what I had posted to the point of being offensive. Go somewhere else - this was a waste of my time. I can now come back and post because I have the final outcome and its far from the "advice" they provided. I am now going to logoff and never visit this site again... so go ahead and respond... I won't be reading it.
  3. Here is an update from the dad who originally posted. Well, the insurance companies finally decided to arbitrate as the other drivers insurance company was going after us for 100% after offering us 50-50. THE FINAL OUTCOME???? 65 - 35 in favor of MY DAUGHTER. [Abusive language removed by moderation]
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