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  1. I am a real estate buyer in Indiana. #1 - If it states in my contingencies that I must be able to get insurance, and I sent a response from from my insurance agent stating that he won’t cover it because of knob and tube wiring, am I still obligated to buy the property? #2 - The Purchase Agreement has the wrong parcel number and legal description, but the correct physical address. Does this make the purchase agreement unenforceable? #3 - Seller was sent a mutual release, but responded by saying they want the earnest money and $7500. They refuse to sign the release. Can they refuse even if I can’t get insurance and the parcel # and legal description are wrong on the Purchase Agreement? #4 - Seller’s name is not on the title. It is in the name of 2 deceased people who left it to their granddaughter, who is of legal age. Grandaughter’s name is not on the title either. Am I being scammed? #5 - Can I purchase another property if the seller won’t sign the mutual release?
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