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  1. I purchased a Sleep Number bed and was advised by the sales lady that my sleep number was 45. When the bed was delivered and set at 45, it was lumpy and had no firmness. I had to set it up to 100 and it still was not equivalent to the demonstration bed at the store. I want to return the mattress which Sleep Number has agreed to take back as there was a 100 day trial period. they will not take back the adjustable base which cost $3,500.00. I would not be returning the mattress if it was the same as the demo one; but now I am stuck with the adjustable base as I signed a contract stating it was not returnable. Why can't I get any help as it is obvious Sleep Number sold me a defective mattress knowing I would be stuck with the adjustable base which cost $3,500? This is fraud as well as selling defective merchandise. Can you help or direct me to someone who can help? I contacted the Indiana State Attorney's Office, but did not get a positive response from them. I look forward to a response. Thank you for your time.
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