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  1. Why not? At that age...first and only offense. I was told about the possibility of immigration issues, length of probation, fines, and other things. The difference between possession and trafficking was literalyl 1/10 of a gram. Also, shouldn't defendants have the chance to be able to clear a drug record if they were under a certain again and completed everything they were told? It's a non-violent offense.
  2. In 2005 I was convicted of Trafficking Cocaine in the state of NC. A "friend" set me up. I was not even a drug dealer. Being young and dumb..doing something for a friend. The difference between a Trafficking and Possession charge was 1/10 of a gram. I had a court appointed attorney represent me. He said that he knew the detective who arrested me and said "I know Lt. Marshburn"...after speaking with the detective after my release on bail...I told the detective my attorney said he knew him. The detective laughed and said, "I'm not a Lt. I'm a detective, and my name is Larry Todd". I ended up being convicted in December of 2005 and got 3 years probation. I was never made aware that this charge could not be expunged in the future. So I started probation, and 3 months in...immigration picked me up for deportation at the probation office. I never violated probation. Long story short on immigration..I was no deportable and released after spending 5 months in deportation. Once out of immigration, I reported back to my probation officer to get back on probation and she said I didn't need to. My file was closed. So I started going to Immigration Probation (something different) for the next 5 years..never missed a check-in date. More than 10 years later I reached out to the Governors Pardon office with details of my case. I never committed ANY crimes and did EVERYTHING I was told to by my immigration attorney and legal reps. After sending all the details to the Pardons Office, someone replied and stated that I couldn't do anything about the conviction because I never completed my probation for the sentence. Obviously if I never completed it or violated probation, I would have ended up serving the 3 years in prison. What can I do? I even paid the $2,000 tax from the IRS I received on the actual drugs within 1 week of getting of jail. When I went to pay the tax...the guy looked at me and said "I have been working here a very long time and never had anyone pay something like this. Make sure you tell your attorney about this."
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