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  1. RetiredinVA, I wish I could thank you but I take offense to your post. Seems you didn't read the post or don't understand English. You obviously know NOTHING of my unique circumstances & I never said it would have no profit. Thought there were people here that could answer my simple question.
  2. I want to set up the best tax and liability situation in North Carolina to operate under a ride share like Uber or Lyft. I do not want income, I only want the income generated to pay for the vehicle and all maintenance and grow the business into other opportunities. I would simply be able to operate the company car for personal uses. Then the ride share company file its own corporate taxes with no wage distribution. I have rental properties and other investments that I do not want any potential liability from the ride share. I'm familiar with aspects of record keeping, taxes, and structure for my LLC but I want this set up completely on its own with no wages or dividends paid. The research I have done says C Corp but I wanted to see what the folks that really know say.
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