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  1. When applying for trademarks, I wish to put many potential goods & services that belong to the trademark class in the application. I read that if a trademark is unused for 5 years, I may lose its rights (is that correct?). May I ask what would happen if I use the trademark only for part of the Goods & Services filled in the trademark application? For example, if I apply a Class 25 trademark with the Goods & Services described as "T-shirts; Shirts; Coats; Shoes; Sandals.". But at the end I only used the trademark for T-shirts, Coats, and Sandals. In this case, would I lose any trademark rights? Thank you very much for your help.
  2. If a designer designed a graphical character in its early form, and then joined a company as a shareholder, director, and also receives regular salary from funding as an employee to develop the character's final form, traits, and story. In this case, who would own the copyright of the final form of the graphical character? Would the final form of the character be regarded as work-made-for-hire? Thank you very much for your advice.
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