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  1. My daughter has two young(9, 12, & 15) girls living at her home. They are sisters, and the daughters of a long time friend. There is no formal relationship with the parents. The parents have a number of issues. The father has been charged with several sex crimes like "luring a minor”, and is awaiting trial. He likely will be incarcerated for 3-5 years. The mother takes over the counter drugs on a daily basis to get high. She has been convicted of DUI for drug impaired driving and is tested weekly for drugs. She is careful to not use illegal drugs or drugs that she doesn't have a prescription for. She gets high on cough syrup and other over the counter substances. The parents have a home where the children have previously lived. The home has been described using the term “squalor”…..dog feces on the floor, unkept, non-working systems, etc, etc. The mother sees/takes the kids sporadically for short periods of time.....a few hours once or twice a week. The parents income consists of the father's unemployment compensation(will terminate on incarceration), donations from their church, and social security income from a resident grandparent. My daughter has had the 3 children living at her home for the last 5 months and pays all expense and provides all care. She has an Oregon DHS case worker that has not provided much help. DHS has told her as long as the parents provide a roof over their heads and peanut butter and jelly in the refrigerator, there is not much they can do. And, they(DHS) cannot provide any financial support unless my daughter has legal custody. Conversations with other parents, friends, and have indicated that terminating parental rights to gain custody has a high legal threshold and can only be successful with the most egregious behavior by the parents. My daughter is willing to care for the children on a permanent basis but she needs some kind of custodial rights and, some financial support from DHS. The parents have been unwilling to sign any kind of legal agreement to this end and continue to believe their ability to care for the children will improve with time. What can my daughter PRACTICALLY do? She has no rights and no financial support over/for these children.
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