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  1. From Michigan: My brother was living with my aunt when she died. On her deathbed, she hand wrote a will that replaced an older will. She left her home, car, some CDs and a particular picture to my brother, and said in her will “the girls can have the dishes (antique family dishes from a once famous hotel) and “nick nacks.” So, here are my questions: 1) There are female cousins to us. Are they considered “the girls” in addition to me and my three sisters? (I believe she was referring to only my sisters and me at the time she wrote the new will to differentiate us from our brother.) 2) What are nick nacks in a legal sense in Michigan law? 3) My aunt had many valuable pieces of jewelry including rings left her by her sister, my other aunt. They are sentimentally valuable to me, as well valuable in the financial sense. Are these nick nacks since they are not left specifically to my brother? 4) My brother is executor as appointed by probate court. He did not list specific items on the form he submitted but, instead, simply wrote in $500.00 as the value of the nicknacks; the dishes were not listed either. Is this fraud if the court doesn’t know of her personal valuables? 5) There was a court hearing for the signing off on a $100,000.00 check to her main church in Boston on August 31, 2018; Also, I believe, to divide the nick nacks and deliver them to the interested heirs or decide how to sell them and send the resulting money to the heirs. 6) Is there any recourse to this hearing for the rest of her family? (We sisters have not responded in writing or in appearing at the hearings due to great family angst during the final years of our mother’s life. We hardly know the female cousins, one in Arizona and one in Michigan.) What does this all seem to mean? Thank you.
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