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  1. Ok, you gave me the answer i needed. thank you!
  2. ok, because she didn't serve me with her response to the contempt paperwork, she just mailed the papers to me. So I am wondering if I can just mail my response to her. I am from California if that matters.
  3. I am the defendant in our custody and visitation case. I filed a contempt against the petitioner and she sent her response to me in the mail. When I respond back to what she filed, do I have to serve her with my response?
  4. It's his ex gf , never married. Yah, I think if she doesn't come to the door for the sheriff which I'm guessing she will, we will have to hire a private investigator. The papers are for contempt for a second time for her not bringing their son to his visits. So this is very important . Thank you for the advice & the help.
  5. Ok I see what you mean by "private", which we hired a private process server but the party is purposely avoiding her. So now we are having to use the sheriff. This is for the state of Georgia but the case is in California. The party being served is a resident of Georgia.
  6. The person being served does work but my husband doesn't know where. The party is very secretive about her life. Substituted service isn't an option on my husbands end when the other party pretends she never gets mail from him , or whenever she does get mail he tracks to her house, she refuses it & it ends up back into my husbands hands. Also anyone living with the party (her husband) knows papers are being served will never answer the door. I guess my husband needs to ask the judge what he should do next regarding serving the party. Thanks for the response . Also, what's the difference between a "private" process server and a regular one? Or all they all considered private? I've just never heard that term before when referring to process servers.
  7. What to do when the other party in the case keeps avoiding the process server you hired? 3 out of the 4 attempts, the other party was home but did not come to the door. Both cars were there, process server could hear the kids and the dogs. Process server has served papers upon this party before so most likely the party is purposely ignoring said process server. Time is running out on time frame for papers to be served, how does my husband go about this? He has contacted the sheriffs office and they had said they will attempt to serve the papers but has also stated if the party does not come to the door, there is nothing they can do about it. I've read that you can try and contact the judge to inform them about the issue but how would he go about that? The papers are ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE AND AFFIDAVIT FOR CONTEMPT.
  8. You know what she meant. Why is it that on every post I see you answer, you're a **** to that person and you reply with unnecessary answers? Give a legit answer to peoples questions or stop wasting their time.
  9. Whoever told you that you can't get an attorney in Mass is lying. You can definitely get someone to represent you. My husband and I live in Cali also and we have an attorney in Georgia for his custody case. File contempt in your state and if she files anything in your state to try and change your current order, file a Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction and what she files should get dismissed.
  10. I know i'm responding to an old post BUT if the officer who you call feels like they want to enforce it they can. Well in my state at least. I live in California. The Mother of my step son failed to drop him off for a visit, he lives 3K miles away so when she said she was not coming and didn't we knew she was serious. We called the local police department and the officer filed a police report, called the Mother and asked her why she wasn't following the order and she also told him she knew she was violating the order. The turned the police report into the courts & asked that she gets charged with two counts of misdemeanors, we also filed contempt on her.
  11. I have worked in a school. He has to take the matter into his own hands & ask the school & he's legally allowed to seeing his court order states he can. He doesn't need to ask the mom.
  12. 3 days ago.. It shouldn't take this long, you literally pull a file up for his son, check who's on the list & move on it doesn't take that damn long. The last school did it the same day. Last time this crap happened, the mother of my step son told the school to not tell my husband anything unless he calls because she doesn't want them telling him info through email thinking it could possibly be me. WHICH our custody order doesn't say anything about how he can receive the info and she's not the not the boss of anyone. So i'm guessing she pulled that crap again and now they aren't responding through email. And I know she told them this because she texted my Husband telling him what she had told the school.
  13. orrrr they could just follow the court order, my Husband isn't going to fly 3,000 miles to his sons state to do something the Mother of his child should have already done.
  14. He can't , his son lives in another state. We sent them the ID and the order in an email to the school clerk
  15. I'm asking what HE *eye roll* can do legally if the school does not cooperate ???
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