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  1. Thank you! That is a very helpful answer. I have been trying to call publishers of study guides all day with no successful answer. Thank you for a direct & detailed answer.
  2. Thank you. May I ask if there are specific things the attorney would be looking for in the study question guides?
  3. I am a teacher and have written several original study guides to go with a variety of texts for use in my classroom. Now, I would like to print and sell these guides. They are based on works both in the public domain, but mostly not. Some have quotes in which I have removed sections for kids to fill in the blank from the original work. All of the guides would have the name and author predominantly on the cover as well as the words STUDY GUIDE, and my name and the illustrator's name. The illustrations would be original and the rights released to me, however they would be of the characters in the text. Am I violating copyright to sell a study guide with these parameters? If the quotes were a problem and I removed that one facet would it be permissable to sell? Thank you for your time. This is a wonderful resource.
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