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  1. Hello, My name is Sarita and I recently joined an LLC firm (small firm offering IT services to its clients here in Texas and other neighboring states. The company owner has multiple LLC firms in his and his wife's name. My role within the company is that of a HR Manager. I have been playing this role for last 1 month. My role is primarily focused on employee visa matters and helping place these employees in different contracts that my company has. My question is as follows As a HR Manager I am signing on several documents such as a) Purchase Orders (with other resourcing firms) where we pick up resources and then take those resources and deploy them in client locations b) Visa extension documents that are sent from my company to the Attorney office for employees that require visa extension or change in visa type for continuing their employment such as I140 and H1B related documents c) Also responding back to RFE when we apply for H1B or Green Card I140; LCA; G28; I129 (H1B) d) Offer letters e) Right of control documents My question is that since I am signing several documents as a petitioner for visa related documents; are there any concerns pertaining to me putting my signature on these documents and tomorrow if there is any malpractice that my employer is undertaking will I be in trouble. Whilst I do verify most of the documents I am unable to validate customer Purchase Order; Customer End Client Letter etc. I also use e-Verify for most of the Government issued documents to validate the authenticity of a candidate etc; but my worry is working in an LLC and my employment terms have unlimited liability with the employer what are the risks I face in playing the role and providing my signatures in many of these documents.
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