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  1. Thank you all very much. I appreciate your advice and comments.
  2. Retired inVA - The money for down payment and closing will be a gift from my grandmother and money we are able to save ourselves. We were discharged 2 years ago so our credit scores are decent again (high 600 to low 700).
  3. So then is there any rule or law that says there is a 3 year waiting period from date of title transfer after foreclosure, if the debt was discharged in bankruptcy?
  4. So it sounds to me that our attorney had mis-informed us as to the steps and actions/consequences with the bankruptcy and the property. The reason we filed and walked away from the house was that we were told there would not be any foreclosure because the property would be discharged in the bankruptcy and we could purchase another home in 2 years from date of discharge. We were way upside down on the house after 13 years and many renovations. Tried to go Deed in Lieu 3 times before giving up.
  5. I suppose, but I guess I don't understand how that can be if the mortgage was discharged in the bankruptcy.
  6. We had stopped paying on the mortgage and left the property, then filed for bankruptcy. The attorney said there was a step was missed once the bankruptcy was discharged which was the Foreclosure Referee Appointment for the Bankruptcy Property.
  7. My husband and I filed Chapter 7 and it was discharged December 2016. The bankruptcy included our previous mortgage. We attempted to apply for a rent to own home, however we were advised by the mortgage broker that we needed to wait 3 years from the date the property was transferred out of our names to apply for a new mortgage. We have asked our attorney that handled the bankruptcy and did not believe this to be true. The previous home we owned is still in our name as the mortgage company that was listed in the Chapter 7 sold the loan immediately after the discharge then that company sold it again. We have filed a new motion and are waiting for the foreclosure to happen, however in the mean time renting and in limbo.
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