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  1. How can a person evade a cyber stalker and or harass/ bully-via-web? When can a person file online crime to police? What evidences and elements can be taken or considered?
  2. Is it a violation of student’s rights to require background checks in order to continue adult education? On what premises are colleges taking background checks and why do they require this information?? It is very expensive and seems useless.
  3. What happens after a Civil Class Action lawsuit regarding financial education misappropriations? Federal law violations and abuse of predatory loan lenders; where can adult students turn to??
  4. Does a private sector car dealership have the right to sell a used personal vehicle without disclosing to buyers its previous accidents, damages, and or repairs? How can consumers be protected from Lemon Law violation/s
  5. I read my handbook, yet have noticed harassments between customers and co-workers. What rights do employees have when it comes to harassment; preventions and legal remedial course of actions? Is it morally and ethically right (legally) to personally harass an employer during work? What can HR do about this?
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