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  1. Okay well first off I am not the the mother of the little girl I'm talking about. I am the guess you would say ex-boyfriend of the mother. We started dating when the child was a little over two years old. The actual biological father last time he has seen her she was maybe three months old. He is a drug addict and a drug dealer and ended up doing for 5 years in State Prison. Me and her were together for like 3 years and I fell in love with the little girl the minute I met her I have done everything for I supported her I bought her the house and did the dis I was at every birthday and even to this day she calls me Dad. Everyone knows and respects me as her father even her grandparents everything. Well about maybe a year ago we broke up. But every weekend I get visitation I buy her stuff I just bought all her school supplies I bought her clothes I help pay off pretty much the house that they live in so that she has a place to stay and she doesn't have to worry about not having a house. So my two questions are. Is there a legal way for us to take his rights away from him. He got out of prison March of not 2008 but 2017. He has not tried to pay a dime or nothing he got out of prison with like 15 $20,000 in his bank account where he had work release he didn't try to get caught up on child support. Instead when he realize that the mother didn't want to relationship with him and we weren't just going to hand him over the little girl without him working staying clean and respecting my rules for the little girl since I have raised her for over 3 years now. So does she have a case to get full custody. Then when she gets full custody well I be able to legally adopt her the mother has is giving full consent to me adopting her or becoming a guardian. Thank you so much for any information you can give me I'm asking this because I might not be able to have kids myself and that little girl is my everything I'm not in a little girl's life just because I want to be back with the mom or something like that I'm in that girl's life because you touch my heart and I asked her from time to time do you still want me to be in your life do you still want me to be your father I tell her she says yes I'll do anything to stay in her life and I have it's really hard trying to be a father to a kid you have no legal right to sometimes it feels like the mother will use that against me. So what do you think and what steps do I need to take to try to become the guardian or stepparent adopt her I would love to legally pay child support.
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