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  1. Insanity defense? Body cam shows no evidence backing up the prosecution. The defense council did not mention this could happen when incompetent . Defendant is not going for insanity defense.
  2. Arraignment and preliminary hearing have been held . Exactly what is it that the defense cannot do when the defendant is unable to assist.? For 12 hours the defendant barricaded himself after swat team showed up and 1 officer shot him 3 times . The arm the shoulder and the neck. It is only by a miracle he is alive . The police tried to kill him . The defendant is being charged with 2 counts of attempted homicide on an officer. We have yet to see evidence supporting these allegations. What does the defense need to do. ? Can the defendant remain forever in an institution. ?
  3. I have so many questions about pc1368. When the violent felony cases have been suspended . What does the defense need to happen ? Will the defendant get a speedy trial ever and council fight for an acquittal? Am i making any sense ? Can someone help me out here please.? Thank you
  4. When a patient is treated at one of the Health Centers Express Care receives a phone call from the physician who treated this patient as a followup call is then informed that treatment is not working (medication) and no change and infact seem to be even worse recommends the come back for further treatment. Only to be examed by a new physician who like i said in my first post was blown away with what she discoverd. Why wasnt i given further treatment ? She literally said but 6 words to me not explaining to me why iwas not going yo be given antibiotics .. Clearly she knows that is why i returned .
  5. I returned to the Express Care a few days . I spoke to the physician who treated me just days before. I let her know the meds are not working and nothing has changed. She asked i come back in . i went the following day . A different physician examined me . The look on her face clearly was of shock . Immedietly she excused herself and practically ran out the room not uttering one word to me about what she had discoverd. . We both new it was BAD. After about 15 min she returns only to say if tests come back posotive in three days she wil let me know . The test shes stated about had just been tested and came back negative just days before . Clearly i have something else . She said a few words of shesll ger back to me and walked out. How could a physician know u need treatment on the spit but does not ?
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