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  1. He got into something to deep didnt tell me or his brother til after the fact. There is two different police reports. I filed one about him not filing one then my officer made contact to imform him that he had to file a report about the incident incident which he was not going to he was just going to let it go so I had to take actions into my own hands and force the reports forced the reports to be filed to protect myself
  2. Well he was robbed and they had guns too is what he said. So being the pu...... He is he didnt put up a fight. He shouldn't have been there in the first place. He said they could have found him. I look at if they wanted or could have founf him they would have. You dont go to the people who want to hurt. You make them come to you. You can protect yourself better on your own turf. Not at 230am in a. Town you dont know. He is a dumbass!
  3. Yes, it been reported, he tried not report this, I told the police what happened they went to hm. He admitted he had the gun and got it taken actually he handed it over to them. He admitted all this to them. They told him to. Go back the town it happened in to report it. So it's been reported to two different dept.
  4. Last year my boyfriends brother ( both are retired Marines) came to us to ask to borrow a gun. He had gotten caught with this girl he was ( trying to help). Anyway it was my gun, as we were stating the conditions under which t he was going to be able to borrow the gun. He would be solely responsible for the gun. Only he was supposed to have possession of it. He wasn't using not common sense when he decided to take it with him to meet up with thus girl and ended up getting robbed and the gun was stole. Now he thinks can just walk away. Leaving me without my gun. No, money to place it. I'm look for any case law to use during my small clams case. Not sure what to look up?
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