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  1. Greetings, Our situation is we were granted permanent guardianship of our 21 month old granddaughter on July 20th of this year. Prior to this, we had emergency and then temporary custody. Our son and daughter in law have substance abuse problems and are in and out of jail regularly. This last time, they each got prison time but for reasons I don’t understand, he will be out in November and she in December (they were just given a 2 year sentence for my son and 3 year sentence for daughter in law). My question is how do I proceed? I don’t want further parenting by “trial and error” or just for their own ego to continue. We now have the legal standing to deny access-or do we? I am going to protect this baby and I don’t want to make a wrong move that would weaken our standing with the court. What is the likelihood of them successfully getting the order modified in the unlikely event they get their act together? I hear the phrase “best interest of the child” used, but I don’t know how much I can count on that. We do have a stable home, great resources, everything the parents do not have. The mother has a record of interfering with a court order and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of her then 3 year old daughter (not my biological granddaughter) along with forgery, public intoxication and the like. My son has distributing drugs, forgery, many shoplifting counts, etc. Neither have a license, any property, job, or place to live of their own. I know there will be probation and many fines to pay. In spite of all this, I lie awake and worry about this baby. We’ve had her most of her life and been witness to the neglect and generally trashy lifestyle her parents choose. The daughter in law has four children with four different men. Two of those children are in their biological father’s custody and her oldest is with the maternal grandparents, with us having the youngest. Any opinion would be appreciated.
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